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Private office


Our system is a convenient and effective tool for advertising campaigns on the Internet.
By using our service you will be able to find a specific advertising space to place your ad on them and control over the conduct of the campaign.

Our advantages

  • Fast and easy registration
  • Buying advertising space directly to the seller.
  • Possibility of payment in your preferred currency.
  • The ability to download various types of banners: image flash, html or text.
  • More Stats: on placements, the total of all placements and for individual banners.


Our system will maximize efficient management of advertising space on your resources.
With our services you will not only benefit from selling your seats advertisers, but also get additional income from the sale hits the system at a time until your retreat offering advertisers.

Our advantages

  • Rapid creation of advertising space.
  • Moderation banners. You can include moderation banners placed sponsor for the show.
  • Redemption shows. Those impressions were not sold on the exchange, redeem system.

How to pay for advertising space?

  • To pay for advertising space you need to register or log in to the system.
  • You must then fill in the balance "Private office"->"Top-up".
  • Next, add your favorite advertising space in the basket.
  • Go to the cart, adjust the selected advertising space and press "Pay". Advertising space purchased.
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